Prime Trinity LLC was founded in 2009.
In the beginning, Prime Trinity LLC was involved in sales of foliar fertilizers and we gained respectable experience and contacts, both in Serbia and abroad, primarily in Austria and the Netherlands. We have supplied Serbian companies and farmers with quality liquid fertilizers and CO2-based fertilizers for 5 years. Through this business, we made the first steps into precision agriculture, through the so-called precision application of micro and macro-elements depending on the needs of plants. This was the first phase in our development that we like to call the primary accumulation of knowledge.
Over a five-year cycle, we realized that there was a need for cutting-edge machinery for a variable application, which was at that point in the beginning of its development in Serbia. In agreement with our partners, Brazilian company STARA, US company Veris Technologies, and Italian company MOM, we started a collaboration and distribution of no-till, strip-till, and soil mapping machines and sensors. Since 2014, we have mapped more than 9,000 ha in Serbia, which has ranked us among the companies that have huge amounts of data. At the same time, the quantity of data enabled us to offer our clients quality outputs in the form of information about the conditions of their land, dynamics of the consumption of minerals in their soil, and other factors that are decisively affecting the quality of the product and the profitability of farmers.
In parallel with the spreading mapping technology, sales of highly innovative machines for no-till and strip-till, we achieved significant growth in self-propelled sprayers and spreaders. The first 2 combined self-propelled machines for fertilizer spreading and crop spraying, as well as a real-time Nitrogen application equipment, were entered in Europe through Prime Trinity LLC. This phase enabled us to start collecting telematic data from machines, whereby we learned about how different maps overlap and interact, as well as their interdependence.
Through understanding the processes that are happening in and around the soil, we have started implementing land repair technologies, in terms of distributing specialized CaO and gypsum fertilizers to neutralize toxic elements.
Thanks to the tremendous data we received, quality, and full understanding of the production process, our activities continued in the field of consultancy activities where, in conversation with international experts, we started the project implementation of Cover Crops technology through the first in the region, so-called Dr Agro. From 2017 till today, Dr Agro remains the first instance for regenerative agriculture, and today it brings together the largest number of farmers implementing holistic technology in Serbia and nearby. This was the second phase in the history of Prime Trinity LLC, the data acquisition phase.
In 2019, we decided to spread more into precision agriculture software that should merge everything learned into a single knowledge base. This phase also marked the beginning of the third phase in Prime Trinity’s life, the phase of digitization of the business and the complete switch to digital tools and services with global scaling potential.
Today, Prime Trinity LLC does its business as a technology company, with experience, proven history, traction, and performances in high-tech agronomy and precision agriculture across Serbia and the region.
Our focus in the coming decades will be on three angles, the so-called trinity:
AGTRINITY – technology for monitoring land degradation processes, carbon mapping and farmland assessment.
UIXTRINITY – custom hardware and software engineering department with a focus on helping startups and farming enterprises in digital transformation and product engineering.
SOILTRINITY – End to End soil mapping, sampling and analysing services with a powerful interpretation.