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Prime - More Than an Agrotech Company

Prime Trinity is an agrotech company with a focus on several areas of agribusiness:

Implementation and monitoring of regenerative agriculture projects. With over 15,000 hectares of digitized fields and more than 7,000 hectares dedicated to regenerative agriculture, we possess the expertise necessary for the successful execution of the most challenging tasks in the field of regenerative agriculture.

Conceptualization, development, and sale of software-hardware solutions for agribusiness and software companies. Our experience in this field has culminated in our proprietary software platform, Agtrinity, providing a comprehensive solution for active soil monitoring.

Distribution of machinery and equipment for regenerative and precision agriculture. We specialize in equipping agricultural companies and farms with machinery, equipment, and expertise in strip-till, no-till, regenerative, and precision agriculture.

PRIME Innovative DNA Empowers Agribusiness Transformation!

Our expertise in conceiving, conceptualizing, and creating digital products and services on one hand, and practical application of precision agriculture, various processing systems, and a comprehensive knowledge of agronomy on the other hand, has positioned us as the only agrotechnology company in the entire region with this unique blend of knowledge. As a result, we assist agricultural companies and corporations in shaping and conceptualizing their ideas for business transformation. On the other hand, for IT companies developing products for third parties and in need of professional services in advanced agronomy and algorithm creation, we can offer our specialized services as a form of expert support.

PRIME is a Reliable Partner for Achieving Success in Reducing Soil GHG Emissions

Achieve Net Zero goals in regenerative agriculture using the systematic approach, knowledge, and experience of Prime Trinity. Thanks to our reputable decades-long experience in soil management systems, including no-till, strip-till, and cover cropping, we now assist and enable forward-thinking companies on their Net Zero journey, allowing them to create their own regenerative practices in collaboration with suppliers to meet internally set KPI's. In addition to knowledge and experience, Prime possesses a complete machinery fleet with an annual capacity of 6,000 hectares, essential for implementing regenerative agriculture measures in crop farming.

PRIME - A Unique Portfolio of Digital and Hardware Agrotechnological Products and Services for Farmers and Agribusiness Corporations

Prime continually develops its proprietary digital software platform, @Agtrinity, to establish control and traceability of agribusiness operations on your land. @Agtrinity platform aims to be a comprehensive digital solution for monitoring the condition of your land, including its nutritional status and tracking practices applied to the land, which may have varying degrees of impact on soil degradation. Furthermore, @Agtrinity is designed to enable product traceability in regenerative agriculture.
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PRIME's Journey - From Boots to Algorithms and Back

Prime Trinity, although predominantly an agrotechnology company today, has deep roots in primary agricultural production. The company was founded in 2009 in Vršac, and from then until now, it has gone through several phases that have shaped the future of its business. In the beginning, Prime Trinity operated under the name "Agromineral," focusing on the trade of liquid and foliar fertilizers from Greek, Austrian, and Dutch manufacturers. Since 2014, influenced by the emergence of new technologies in farming, the company became the exclusive distributor of reputable machinery manufacturers for no-till and strip-till practices, as well as mobile sensors for soil scanning, sampling, and analysis. From that moment until today, the business expanded not only in Serbia but also in Croatia, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2020, a new phase of the company's development began, with a greater emphasis on developing its own digital technologies (software and hardware). Until that point, the company had accumulated substantial knowledge in key areas of future agriculture (fertilization technology, plant nutrition technology, soil processing systems, cover crop cultivation systems, soil improvement), allowing us to demonstrate our ability to develop our own technology in the emerging agrotechnology sector while preserving biodiversity with sustainable growth and development. Today, Prime Trinity integrates information technology, biotechnology, advanced agronomy, and specialized machinery distribution into a single business system to make them available to its customer-partners, both domestically and abroad.

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